February 2017

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Before you begin your search to lease a property (home, apartment, duplex, townhome, or condominium) keep in mind the qualifying process.  There is not a fixed standard guideline that all landlords and rental companies use to determine qualification.  Some will require that proof of identification be submitted with a rental application, such as a government photo identification (driver license) and allow it to be photocopied.  Some of the other common factors used for qualifying are:

  • Rental History – Landlord will be checking past and current rental history for late payment, non-payment, evictions, drug use, poor housekeeping, unruly/destructive or violent behavior by applicant or applicant’s guests.
  • Credit -- Know your credit rating.  Your
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When a person decides to sell a house, the first thing he or she probably thinks to do is call a Real Estate Agent -- it’s only logical.

A Realtor will help you with all of the logistics such as how to price your home, recommending a proper inspector and making sure that your house is ready and fit to go on the market.

However, in order to make sure all of these things get done a listing agreement must be signed. Now unless you are a realtor, work in the real estate business or are just a real estate vocabulary expert, you may not know what a listing agreement is. To clarify, a listing agreement is a document signed by the seller of the home and the real estate agent enlisted simply stating that the realtor has the right to list the home. The terms

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