Finding the right Real Estate Agent

Posted by Rachelle Kubricht on Thursday, December 1st, 2016 at 4:08pm.

Buying or selling property and looking for a great realtor to get the job done? Don’t just pick the first one you find on a yard sign while driving down the street, set up an interview and get to know who will be representing you. You might be spending the next six months with them so make sure they have your best financial interests at heart. Here are a few tips to get you started in the process.


How long have they been in the business?

            The more experience an agent has, the less confusion you will go through while buying/selling. This also means they will have more past clients that you can go to for a testimonial. Also get to know if they are a part-time agent or work in the business full time and be sure to know which type you would prefer.


How long have they been in the area?

            This could exempt the first question of how long they’ve been in the real estate business because they’ll know more about the buying and selling of the particular area than an agent who just moved over. They will also know everything good and bad about the different local areas so get a weigh in on their opinion about which areas are best for your lifestyle.


How will they communicate with you?

            Communication with your realtor while buying or selling property is key for getting the job done. Just a few hours can be a hit or miss for closing a deal on a home. Choose an agent that will communicate quickly and effectively for your preferred mode of communication. This is especially important if you are buying or selling from afar, the realtor can send you videos or pictures of the  homes/properties. Also make clear who will be your main contact, some realtors use assistant or sub-agents so you may or may not have direct access to the agent.


Do they have a specialty?

            Some agents have a special type of clientele or property buying/selling, this could either work for or against you. If you’re trying to move your new family someplace for the kids to grow up, choosing an agent who specializes in senior living probably won't be the best real estate agent for you. Maybe you do find one who specializes in family living and that would be great, so make sure you know what kind of work your agent deals with.


            These are just a few suggestions of what to ask or look for with a real estate agent so you don’t go into a business contract blind to important details. Don’t be afraid to ask or go into as much detail as you would like when trying to choose, buying and selling homes are a big deal that you need to be prepared for. Don’t go into this business uninformed about who’s working it for you, remember you have the power to pick who is best for you.


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